Bibliometrics and publication
Help with publication strategy, analysis...

Help with publication strategy

Our expertise in bibliometric subjects and our knowledge of the various bibliographic and bibliometric databases can help you identify the journals that fit best for the publication of your work.

Don't hesitate to contact us so that The Lab can help you identify the "best" journals according to your research topic, the reputation expected of the journal, its Open Access criteria and whether it is part of the HCERES lists.

We have already done this work on several occasions for young researchers publishing on innovative topics.


The Scholarly Communication unit has a tool, Opalia, that allows it to collect the publications of the Ecole des Ponts researchers that are indexed on the Web of Science, Scopus and HAL to analyze them. These analyses can be very different, for example:
  • comparing amounts of publications by discipline to identify areas related to the main activity of a laboratory or the Ecole des Ponts in full.
  • quantify and qualify publications made with international co-authors.
Every year, the Scholarly Communication unit produces a bibliometric report (see online summary for the 2012-2015 period) for the entire Ecole des Ponts and for each laboratory. If you need specific data, please contact us.