Guidelines for Researchers

Librarians at your service

In order to meet your needs as effectively as possible and give you an “à la carte” service, every lab at École des Ponts has a referring referring librarian. Feel free to approach them for information or training.

Requesting a document and accessing resources

If you haven’t been able to access a document via the École des Ponts subscriptions, you can ask your contact librarian to find it another way.
The Scholarly Communication Unit (Pôle IST) handles around 1000 requests a year. In order to deal with these requests as efficiently as possible, we have set up a document request module. Please use it for all requests so that we can continue to process them effectively.

Collections and resources specific to your laboratory

Some resources (electronic or paper subscriptions) are specific to your laboratory. Find out which these are and also how to access your lab’s library or document collection.


Document search tools

The Information & Tutorials section lists all the tutorials that we have found or produced for you. We would particularly advise you to consult the following pages if, for example, you are about to start a literature search, a thesis or a project:
  tutorial for the BibCNRS portal (only for CNRS research units)

Online theses and information for PhD candidates

To learn about Scholarly Communication:
  Go to Form@doct (in french)
To find a thesis:
  The Pastel portal for ParisTech thesis (in particular those produced at an École des Ponts lab)


Open Access and HAL

To help you share the results of your research, we provide 2 levels of information:

Reference Management Software

In order to collect, organize and cite the work you have drawn on in your research, it is essential to use a dedicated reference management tool.
In addition, we organize regular training on Zotero and you can contact us via The Lab for technical support on migrating data from one system to another.


The Lab is here to help

The Scholarly Communication Unit can offer you a tailored service for your document engineering needs. These may be operations that we are used to doing and where we can save you time (importing into HAL, document monitoring, migration from one Reference Management System to another, text-mining, digitization of documents, etc…) but you can also ask us to help with non-standard operations! The Lab exists to support you and find solutions for all your data processing needs.
  Direct access to The Lab to look at all the services we can provide. Don’t hesitate to ask. We relish a challenge!