The Documentation Department subscribes to numerous online resources that are behind paywalls. Access to these websites is therefore controlled and requires authentication.
Authentication to access online resources can be obtained in two ways:
  • from the library terminals: If you are a guest user, ask for an access code at reception, otherwise use your normal credentials,
  • from anywhere, including remotely (except for a few resources): if you are a member of Ecole des Ponts – student, teacher, researcher or staff member – with your usual logins.
For remote access to documentation resources, you need to be authenticated on the Ecole des Ponts extranet. There are two ways of doing this:

Via the Espace chercheurs

From the Espace chercheurs, most of the links to a resource are remote access links. They connect to the resource via the Ecole des Ponts extranet, where you need to be authenticated before being redirected to the resource. Use the links from:
      The Espace Chercheurs: the site you are in at the moment,
      The list of electronic resources: those marked with the icon , the library’s online resource search engine,
      Google Scholar: Google  online resource search engine.
      Set up Google Scholar in order to access the Ecole des Ponts resources.
Once you have been authenticated for the first time, the extranet will not ask you to go through the authentication process again, and you will simply be redirected straight to the resource.
  • In fact, you can complete your authentication now: https: //
  • Then to access resources, you must always use the links in the library portal, which run via the extranet.
If you have a connection problem or do not have an Ecole des Ponts login with the format, please contact the Ecole des Ponts IT Department from this form.

Using the remote access bookmarklet

The resource’s URL changes when you access it via the extranet. It begins with The remote access bookmarklet adds this initial URL string to the address of the resource to make the connection via the extranet, with just one click!

The first time you click on the remote access bookmarklet, therefore, you will be redirected to the extranet for authentication, then on subsequent occasions you will have direct access to the resource without authentication.

Add this remote access bookmarklet to the favorites bar in your browser, so that you can use it from anywhere.

Try it out!

Next time you’re at home, add the bookmarklet to your favorites bar.

Imagine that you are browsing the web or that somebody has sent you a link to this article. When you click on it, you are taken to a page with a paywall. Fortunately, the Extranet ENPC bookmarklet is on your browser menu: you simply click on it to identify yourself and can then download the PDF.


Authentication at BibCnrs

For CNRS labs only, there are also authentication bookmarklets at BibCnrs (see tutorial). Add the bookmarklets corresponding to your lab to your browser’s bookmarks bar.


Finally, there is also a Chrome extension for BibCNRS, which is described on this page. The only downside is that the parameter setting allows you to choose only one institute at a time, which can be a disadvantage for laboratories belonging to several institutes.