Collections and resources specific to LVMT

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If you want to request an acquisition, contact who will pass on the information to the Documentation Department.

Journal selection :

     Built environment (from 2003 and laboratory paper subscription)
   Espaces (laboratory paper subscription)
     Espace géographique (1972-20002001-2017 and laboratory paper subscription)
     Espaces et sociétés (from 1970 at La Source et from 1990 online)
   European journal of transport and infrastructure research (from 2000)
   European urban and regional studies (from 1994)
   Flottes automobiles (laboratory paper subscription)
   International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering (IJTTE)  (from 2011)
     International journal of urban and regional research (IJURR) (from 1977)
     Journal of transport economics and policy (1978-2014 at La Source et from 2001 online)
     Journal of urban planning and development (1983-2015 at La Source et from 1983 online)
   Journal of Transport Geography (from 1993)
     Journal of Transportation Engineering (1983-2015 at La Source et from 1983 online)
   Population (from 1946)
     Population et Avenir (from 2005 and laboratory paper subscription)
   Transport public (1981-2017)
     Transport reviews  (1991-2010 at La Source et from 1999 online with a 18-month moving wall)
     Transportation Research Record (1974-1997 at La Source et from 1999 en ligne)
    Transportation research. Part A, General (1979-1991 at La Source and online)
    Transportation research. Part A, Policy and Practice (1992-2011 at La Source and online from 1992)
    Transportation research. Part B, Methodological (1979-2011 at La Source and online from 1979)
    Transportation research. Part C, Emerging Technologies (1993-2011 at La Source and online from 1993)
   Transportation research. Part D, Transport and Environment (from 1996)
   Transportation research. Part E, Logistics and Transportation review  (from 1997)
   Transportation research. Part F, Traffic Psychology and Behaviour (from 1998)
   Transportation journal (1961-2010)
   Transportation science (from 1967)
   Transports (1965-2011), Transports Infrastructures & Mobilite (TI&M) : laboratory paper subscription
   Railway gazette international (from 2002)
   Review of urban and regional development studies (from 1989)
   La Revue générale des chemins de fer (from 1924 at La Source)
     Urban Geography (from 1980 online and laboratory paper subscription)
   Urban studies (from 1964)
   Ville, rail & transports (à partir de 2009 at La Source and laboratory paper subscription)

Ebook selection :

   Energy Transitions, edited by Olivier Labussière, Alain Nadaï, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
   Managing Airports, Anne Graham, Routledge, 2018
   Handbook of Construction Management, Abdul Razzak Rumane, CRC Press, 2016
   The Automobile Revolution, edited by Daniel Attias, Springer, 2016
   Sustainable Urban Transport, edited By Maria Attard, Yoram Shiftan, Emerald, 2015
   The Railway Journey, Wolfgang Schivelbusch, University of California Press, 2014
   A Handbook of Transport Economics, edited By André De Palma ... [et Al.], Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2011
   Megacities, A. Sorensen, J. Okata (Eds.), Springer, 2011
   The Form of Cities : Political Economy and Urban Design, Alexander R. Cuthbert, Wiley, 2008
   Cities and Society, Nancy Kleniewski, Wiley, 2008
   Measuring sustainability, Simon Bell And Stephen Morse, Earthscan, 2003

Document collection

All LVMT staff (researchers, PhD candidates, postdocs, interns and administrative staff) have access to this collection (as well as to La Source library).

Given that LVMT document collection is located in one of the La Source library storerooms, to obtain a document you can either go to the library reception (before 5 p.m. if requesting titles kept in the storeroom) or send an email to, specifying at least the document’s title and call number.

Loans are registered at the La Source library reception on presentation of a reader’s card (École des Ponts badge, UPE card for PhD candidates, or card provided on application to Delphine Du Pasquier). Every researcher, PhD candidate or intern at the laboratory can borrow up to 30 documents from LVMT for 180 days (La Source library: up to 10 documents for a period of one month). A loan can be renewed once.

   LVMT document collection is specified in our catalogue.