Specific resources for LEESU lab

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Resources for LEESU :

   Water Science & Technology: please contact us for more details.
   Urban water journal (from 2004 to the present time)
   Hydrological sciences journal/Journal des sciences hydrologiques (from 1982 to the present time)
   Revue des Sciences de l'eau (from 1988-2020)
   Limnology and Oceanography (from 1956 to the present time)
   Water Resources Research (from 1965 to present time)
   Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, 2009, eBook acquired by LEESU (access via the VLE books online platform)
(Abstract : Contains over 240 individual articles covering various broad topics including properties of water hydrologic cycles, surface and groundwater hydrology, hydrologic balance, lakes of the world, rivers of the world, light and heat in aquatic ecosystems, hydrodynamics and mixing in rivers, reservoirs, and lakes, biological integration among inland aquatic ecosystems, pollution and remediation, and conservation and management of inland aquatic ecosystems.)

The LEESU library

All LEESU staff (researchers, PhD candidates, postdocs, interns and administrative staff) have access to the LEESU library, (as well as to the La Source library). The School entrance badge, which includes a barcode, can be used as a library card for loans in all the School’s libraries. PhD candidates use their UPE card. When you borrow or return a document, please remember to email frederique.bordignon@enpc.fr in order to register the operation, so that documents don’t get lost…

   The LEESU document collection is specified in our online catalogue

Digital archives

Thanks to funding from the R2DS network and Fondation des Ponts, École des Ponts has been able to acquire a digitization unit and a software for processing scanned documents, as well as to hire 2 people to start the work.

This has made it possible to digitize a collection of scientific archives from CIRED and LEESU, creating a common corpus representing the accumulated memory of these laboratories on the economics of the environment and questions relating to urban water.

Some of these documents have been uploaded to HAL. The rest were documents for which we did not have copyright, and can therefore be accessed via a database constructed with Zotero. For more information, see the leaflet (in French) and to access the documents, contact Frédérique Bordignon.