Specific resources for CEREA lab

Your referring librarian

The documentation correspondent for your lab is Marc Boquet - marc.bocquet@enpc.fr

CEREA resources

  Journal of applied meterorology & climatology (from 1962 to the present time)
  Journal of the atmospheric sciences (from 1944 to the present time)
  Monthly weather review (from 1872 to the present time)
  Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984 to present time)
  The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological (from 1873 to the present time)

Coriolis Library

CEREA research fellows can access all the works in the Coriolis Library. This contains the collections of 3 research units: CEREA, CERMICS and LIGM’s IMAGINE team.  CEREA publications are indicated with a green label.
  CEREA’s document collection is specified in our online catalogue

All documents can be borrowed by any member of the 3 laboratories. This space is self-service, so for everyone’s convenience you are requested to report loans and returns to frederique.bordignon@enpc.fr or even better to carry out these operations yourself. The mini-tutorial below shows you how to do this with just a few clicks: