a tool to facilitate the organisation of events is a fully customizable web tool that facilitates the organization of scientific meetings by taking charge of all aspects related to the event, from the selection of contributions to the editing of proceedings, through the management of registrations and the planning of communications., a tool dedicated to researchers for the organisation of scientific events; it is a platform designed and administered by the CCSD (Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe) which is also HAL designer.

Communications can then be sent to HAL in one click!

All this free of charge and without any technical expertise being required by the organizer since everything is done from the online platform.


More than 4500 conferences have already been hosted on, including GeoProc2017 organized by the Navier laboratory or Interface2012 organized by LEESU; these 2 examples show that each conference website can have a custom design and a modular content layout. Successful contributions may be posted as the program is being set upor when it is complete. All conferences created are assigned a personalized web address such as and email addresses for managing the event.

The organizer may even have access to statistics on website visits to measure, for example, the impact of its communication on the event.

To create a conference, you only need to make a request on the site by using yourHAL login credentials and wait for the CCSD validation.


It is therefore necessary to set up the website parameters:
  • you need  to define the types of papers that can be submitted (oral communication, poster, etc.) and the types of submissions that must be made during the submission (summary, full text, summary and then full text)
  • for each type of deposit, specify the bid opening period and the mandatory or optional fields to be completed by the applicant to describe the deposit.
  • you also need to set the reviewing rules for selecting talks. The number of possible reviewers per deposit, the period during which the reviewer can carry out his assessment, and it is also possible to allow the contributor to read the reviewer’s comments once the paper has been accepted or refused
  • It is even possible to develop a scoring grid with criteria specific to each selection committee.

In order to elaborate the program, you simply have to associate events with each time slot knowing that there are 5 types of events (session, speech, break, logistics, visits) and to associate the selected contributions to the planned events.

The system allows the management of pre-registrations and registrations with a fine adjustment of all the information that the organizer wishes to obtain from participants, such as their possible participation in the gala dinner.

As far as the payment of registration fees is concerned, it is possible to define different payment methods: by bank transfer, cheque, on site and even online with an interconnection to the management system oaf the organising institution (please contact the Ecole des Ponts accounting agency); for CNRS laboratories, interconnection with the Azur Colloque system is possible.

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Once the event is over, it is very easy to edit a collection of abstracts or conference proceedings. The creation elaboration of this document can be set in different ways by specifying which elements must appear in the document and also by manually adding files that will be integrated in the final production.

Finally, as indicated above, records can be deposited to HAL one by one or all of them with a single click. Attached files are also transferred at the same time. And thanks to the information provided by the contributor during the submission, his intervention will be automatically associated with him in HAL, as well as with his possible co-authors and their affiliation.

The user manual is available online and it is possible to test the tool online with its main features.

The Scholarly Communication unit of the Ecole des Ponts Documentation Department is at your disposal for any assistance in the creation of an event on this platform.