The Lab can offer solutions for faster file crawling.

We know that researchers need to explore an ever-increasing amount of textual information as part of their researches. The Lab can offer solutions for faster file crawling. For example, we have already helped a researcher to identify the most relevant documents (PDF)  among 650 documents she had to go through. We used a list of terms, expressions and acronyms that she would have had to try to detect if she had to read all the documents.

We can also propose solutions for the enrichment of existing corpus with geographical keywords. For example, for a corpus of Scopus citations records linked to the concept of eco-city, we have deduced the countries from the geographical location of the area of the study.

We are also exploring tools for analyzing references and abstracts and detecting recurrent concepts and links between them.

These text mining solutions are now within our reach and we can assist you in the crawling of large corpora to save time in their analysis.

Do not hesitate to contact us!